Gloomy April, 2022

flood graph
Cloudy Skies at Rosemount: April 26, 2022.
Image credit: MNDNR State Climatology Office.

Along with a three-way tie for the 14th coldest April on record for the Twin Cities, and the 17th wettest, there was also plenty of gloom to go around.

In the sixty year history of the U of M St. Paul Campus Climate Observatory, April 2022 was the gloomiest April on record with 312.7 Langleys per day. The average from 1963-2021 is 395.5 Langleys per day.

2nd gloomiest April back to 1963 is 1975 with 314.2 Langleys and 3rd place is April 1965 with 321.6 Langleys.

The cloudiest day in April, 2022 was April 20 with only 60 Langleys and the sunniest was April 28th with 597 Langleys.

A Langley is a unit of solar radiation measured as one gram calorie per square centimeter of a surface exposed to solar radiation.


Modified May 2, 2022

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