1981-2010 Normal Precipitation Maps - July

Normal July Precipitation

81-10_precip_norm_07_images.zip contains:

  • 81-10_precip_norm_07.gif (655 x 600 pixel GIF raster image)
  • 81-10_precip_norm_07_thumb.gif (187 x 203 pixel GIF raster image)
  • 81-10_precip_norm_07.wmf (Windows Metafile / color version)

81-10_precip_norm_07_esri.zip contains:

  • 81-10_precip_norm_07.asc (.asc raster file)
  • 81-10_precip_norm_07.grd (Surfer .grd raster file)
  • 81-10_precip_norm_07.img (.img raster file)
  • esri_grid_07 (ESRI grid file)
  • counties.shp (shapefile)

81-10_precip_norm_07_kmz.zip contains:

  • 81-10_precip_norm_07.kmz (can be viewed in Google Earth along with other GIS applications)

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