Minnesota Biological Survey's Snake Telemetry Project

MBS herpetologist Jeff LeClere recently (June 13, 2013) sent these photos and comments from MBS snake research happening this spring. Jeff and technician Anne Yen have been busy with two different snake research projects in Minnesota. Here's what Jeff had to say about this effort to gather information on Minnesota's rare reptiles.

dwarf trout lily"This Bullsnake is part of the kickoff of MBS's Bullsnake radio telemetry project taking place at Weaver Dunes in Wabasha County.
dwarf trout lilyOne of the Bullsnakes getting prepped (sedated) for surgery to implant a radio transmitter.
dwarf trout lilyWe found this cool North American Racer in Wabasha County on the Bullsnake telemetry study site. North American Racers are not seen here in high numbers so it was a very welcome find!!
dwarf trout lilyAnne close-up with the North American Racer!"
dwarf trout lilydwarf trout lilyHere we are with the first Plains Hog-nosed Snake implanted with a radio transmitter as part of a Patch-Burn Grazing Project taking place at the Lac qui Parle WMA/Chippewa Prairie Preserve in western Minnesota.
dwarf trout lilyThe transmitter was implanted in the Twin Cities on June 6, a very exciting day as many folks from MBS and the DNR's Nongame Wildlife Program stopped in to see her post-surgery. We will track her movements to determine home range, habitat use, possible reaction to patch-burn grazing management, and other information.
dwarf trout lilyAn radio telemetry action shot! DNR staff from Lac qui Parle WMA and The Nature Conservancy have been instrumental with the Plains Hog-nosed Snake project at Lac Qui Parle and Chippewa Prairie Preserve. Staff from The Nature Conservancy and the DNR's Scientific and Natural Areas Program have been very helpful in searching for snakes with us at Weaver Dunes. Phil Cochran from St. Mary's University of Minnesota Biology Department is helping us track snakes, check drift fences, and perform searches at Whitewater WMA in Winona County."

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