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Olson, R.E. 1980. The herpetofauna of Minnesota: The status of Minnesota treefrogs of the Hyla versicolor complex. Report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Unpaged.


The only species of the Hyla versicolor complex recognized as a member of the Minnesota fauna has been Hyla versicolor, a frog inhabiting the hardwood and coniferous forests, and similar environs in the northeastern three-quarters of the state. Hyla chrysoscelis has recently been resurrected as a valid species name for populations of a sibling species which is superficially almost identical in appearance with members of Hyla versicolor. The writer observed and collected specimens of both of these species in Springvale, Isanti County, Minnesota in 1970. Since that time, that population has been sampled on a few occasions.

The present report considers preliminary field survey data of these members of the Hyla versicolor complex in eastern Minnesota, especially of Hyla chrysoscelis, with the objective of determining the status of that cryptic species in the state.

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