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Olson, R.E. 1980. The herpetofauna of Minnesota: I. A survey of the species. Report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Unpaged.


The herpetofauna of Minnesota has received little attention in the literature during the past three decades. Studies of Breckenridge (944), although supplying a substantial groundwork, posed several questions which have not yet been satisfied, on the one hand, during the meantime becoming decidedly outdated. Both problems require a serious effort, as do attendant factors, such as the status of certain rare and restricted species.

This initial report deals with three major items: 1) a review of specimens supplementing those known to exist in collections, 2) a report of field observations of specimens during the duration of this study, and 3) a suggestion of some problems requiring study in view of the presence, ranges, and taxonomic situations concerning amphibians and reptiles in the state. The report is part of an effort to make full assessment of specimens available in various museum collections, and the verifiability of certain written records. Specimens collected during work other than that at present are reported here, but a compilation of field observations thereunto pertaining is not given, other than those made during the course of the present work.

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