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Eckert, K.R. 1982. Prairie birds survey, Summer 1982. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Unpaged.


The objective of this study was to: continue the survey of prairie birds in western Minnesota, 1980 Contract; concentrated search of nesting Boreal Owls in Cook County to find potential and active nesting cavities, determine egg-laying and incubation periods, monitor growth and plumage development of the young, and study behavior of adults during incubation and feeding periods; and document the magnitude of the fall migration of non-raptors at Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve in Duluth. The following format applies to each survey report listed within this final report: 1) Name and location of tract, 2) Date, time and weather, 3) Habitat description, 4) Species list and numbers observed, and 5) Comments.

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