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Frenzel, L.D. 1988. 1988 MN DNR bald eagle nesting activity and productivity data by county. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 7 pp.


The objective of this study was to monitor nesting activity, verify nesting sites from previous survey, and to collect productivity data. USFWS aircraft was used to conduct the survey. Survey was conducted April 6-8 and/or April 20-22. A listing of previous nest sites was compiled and verified. New nest sites were documented. The following data was recorded for each nest site: county; nest identifier; location information regarding lake, loran, other; April activity notation, July productivity notation, and general comments. April Activity: 21 nests were negative, 5 nests were not located, 61 active nests, 5 nests were not visited. July Productivity: 35 nests were negative, 6 nests were not located, 84 young were observed in 44 nests, 1 nest was not visited.

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