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Goodermote, D.L. 1989. A survey of nesting herring gulls on selected sites, along the north shore of Lake Superior from Knife river to the Pigeon river - 1989. Final report submitted to the Nongame Wildlife Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Unpaged.


The objective of this study was to 1) provide accurate numbers of nesting Herring Gulls, on selected monitor sites, along the north shore of Lake Superior, between Knife River and Pigeon Point, and 2) provide a data base to accurately estimate the total population of nesting Herring Gulls within the above described area. Seventeen island nesting sites were visited between May 15 and June 5. 9,037 nests were determined to be within the survey area. During the 1984 inventory it was noted that an unusual amount of predation was taking place on site #68. A count of this site in 1989 revealed nest numbers were down from 811 in 1984 to 137 in 1989. Increases were observed on 5 sites and are attributed to the decrease in site #68.

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