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Haws, K.V., B. Djupstrom, and M. Driscoll. 2006. An assessment of birds of Scientific and Natural Areas and Prairie Bank Parcels, located within the Red River Prairie and Tallgrass Aspen Parkland provinces of Northwest Minnesota. Final report submitted to the State Wildlife Grants Program. 16 pp. State Wildlife Grants Program final report.


This project was designed to assimilate existing data, and to gather additional data concerning birds present on Scientific and Natural Areas (SNA's), and Prairie Bank parcels (PB's) located within the Red River Prairie, and Aspen Parklands ecological subsections of Minnesota. This information was compiled in a number of spreadsheets, and the SNA information has been made available on the DNR website.

Northwest Minnesota harbors a diverse set of avifauna, and 66% of the Species of Greatest Conservation Need recently defined in Minnesota's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy from the Division of Ecological Resources were found on the units surveyed for this project. This information will be useful in assessing the importance of land set aside for targeted wildlife species. We will better be able to answer the question of the importance of the surveyed habitats to species of Greatest Conservation Need now that we have recent and technically accurate information on species presence in these units.

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