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Martell, M. and F. Cuthbert. 1987. Minnesota burrowing owl project: 1987 status report. Report submitted to the Nongame Wildlife Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 12 pp.


The Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia), a state listed endangered species, is a symbol of Minnesota's vanishing prairie ecosystem. A locally common breeder up to the 1940's, Burrowing Owl nesting records are limited to only two from this decade. As a result state conservation groups and agencies are interested in developing management techniques to restore a breeding Burrowing Owl population to the prairies of Minnesota. This interest is currently centered on an attempt to reintroduce the Burrowing Owl into areas of the state which once supported thriving populations of this species. Through integration of a reintroduction program with ongoing protection and management of Minnesota's grassland habitat our goal is to remove the Burrowing Owl from the state endangered species list. The purpose of this report is to summarize results from the 1987 field season.

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