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Mooty, J. and J. Hines. 1994. American bittern survey. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 2+ pp.


The American bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus) is a species of special concern in Minnesota. Special concern species are those that are "...extremely uncommon in Minnesota, or have unique or highly specific habitat requirements and deserves careful monitoring of its status," (Coffin & Pfannmuller, 1988). American bitterns are listed as endangered in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio and rare in Missouri of the midwestern states (Hands, et al., 1989). Bitterns feed and nest in shallow wetlands and have likely been affected by wetland drainage and the loss of native prairies. There is very little information about the American bittern population in Minnesota. For these reasons a survey of the occurrence of this species was initiated in the forested part of the state.

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