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Moriarty, J.J. 1988. 1988 blanding's turtle volunteer survey summary and results. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Unpaged.


The 1988 Blanding's Turtle Volunteer Survey was recently entered into the Heritage Database. A total of 142 new Element Occurrences(EOs) from 22 counties were added. The current EO total for Blanding's turtles is 403 from 33 counties. Fillmore and Freeborn Counties were added from this year's survey.

The number of reports exceeding 250. Forty-four of the reports were updates of previous records. Twenty-seven of the reports were not mapped because of dubious description or poor locality information. There were also a number of duplicate reports that were mapped as 1 EO.

Anoka, Isanti, Ramsey, and Sherburne Counties accounted for over 50 percent of the records from this year's survey. The variation in county reporting levels is dependent on observer interest, as much as, the density of the turtle populations.

-This report is currently unavailable for download-

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