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Moriarty, J.J. 1988. Emydoidea blandingi survey in Ramsey Co., MN. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 6 pp.


The objectives of this study were: 1) to determine current status and abundance of the Blandings turtle population within the Twin Cities Arsenal wetlands, 2) to identify areas where nesting of Blandings occurs on Arsenal property, and 3) to attempt to determine if the turtles migrate in and out of the Arsenal on the north and eastern borders.

Baited hoop net traps were set the first week of May 1989 in vegetated areas of Marsden Lake marsh where water levels will allow safe capture of turtles (ie prevent drowning). A baited trap was also set at the northeastern corner of Sunfish Lake and within a drainage ditch on the reservations' northern boundary at Hamline Avenue. Traps were checked three times per week over a 4 week period of trapping. Records were kept on all species and numbers of turtles captured. Only Emydoidea were sexed, aged, measured, and photographed. Emydoidea were marked by notching the marginal scutes with a file and released the same day at the point of capture.

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