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Frest, T.J. 1986. Minnesota "Succinea chittenangoensis" survey. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 27 pp.


In 1983 two Minnesota sites for an unusual succineid land snail, tentatively identified as Succinea chittenangoensis (Pilsbry), were found in Fillmore County, Minnesota. Subsequent visits in the summer of 1984 to the previously known Simpson Sedum integrifolia leedyi site in Olmsted County resulted in the discovery of a third Succinea colony. Another field trip to an algific talus slope discovered the preceding year on Deer Creek in Fillmore County indicated the possibility that S. "chittenangoensis" was present there also.

Accordingly, a survey of all probable sites for the succineid was undertaken between May 1 and June 1, 1985 in Fillmore and Olmsted Counties. Previously known sites were resurveyed to establish population size of the snail. As two of these were located adjacent to algific slopes, the 20 or so sites discovered in 1983 were also reexamined. Because two very rare plant taxa (S. I. leedyi and Draba arabisans) were known to be associated with the snail and were of interest in their own right attempts to locate additional populations of them were made also.

A total of twelve days were spent in the field. At various times I and my field assistant Jeff Dickson were accompanied by Heritage botanist Welby Smith and by University of Minnesota bryologist Jann Janssens.

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