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Frest, T.J. 1987. Final report Iowa Pleistocene snail project. 39 pp.


Research in the Paleozoic Plateau in certain counties in northeastern Iowa, southeastern Minnesota, southwestern Wisconsin, and northwestern Illinois has resulted in the discovery of a number of sites for glacial relict flora and fauna. Some dozen plant and animal taxa are either federally Endangered or Threatened or are current or potential candidates for such status. Two major habitat types, algific talus slopes and maderate cliffs, have been defined in previous reports (Frest, 1982-1986).

Systematic searches using a set of rather narrowly defined geologic and botanical criteria have added a sizable number of sites in each of the proceeding five years. Field methods have been discussed at length previously. The same methodology was used for a final sweep of the full area for six weeks in June and July, 1987. This sweep was expected to visit all remaining areas with any high probability for additional sites. Counties targeted were Winneshiek, Mitchell, Howard, Allamakee, Fayette, Delaware, Clayton, Jackson, Dubuque, and Jones in Iowa, Fillmore in Minnesota, Grant in Wisconsin, and Jo Daviess in Illinois.

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