Wetlands programs

Wetland review and conservation planning

type 4 wetland The Division of Ecological and Water Resources' Wetlands Program was initiated with the passage of the state Wetlands Conservation Act (WCA) of 1991 . A key component of the WCA is the development of restored or created wetlands as replacement for wetlands that are drained or filled. In support of the WCA, Ecological and Water Resources has established a wetland review and conservation program to:

  • coordinate the review of wetland replacement plans;
  • provide technical assistance to local governments and landowners in developing wetland mitigation;
  • promote wetland conservation by providing science-based recommendations in the development of state wetland regulations, programs and policies.

Wetland monitoring and mapping

type 4 wetlandIn 2006, a group of state and federal agencies collaboratively developed, "A Comprehensive Wetland Assessment, Monitoring, and Mapping Strategy for Minnesota" . This document makes several recommendations for a scientifically sound strategy for monitoring and assessing wetland quantity and quality statewide. The Ecological and Water Resources' Wetlands Program oversees two components of the overall strategy: wetland status and trends monitoring and updating the national wetlands inventory.

Wetland publications

The Wetlands Program is also responsible for the development of a statewide comprehensive wetlands management plan. The Minnesota Wetlands Conservation Plan (V. 1.02, 1997)  sets directions for managing and regulating the state's wetlands and examines way to consolidate the many different existing wetland programs. Other program documents include the Minnesota Wetland Mitigation Banking Study, the Action Planning Workbook, a Memorandum of Agreement for Implementation of the Minnesota Wetlands Conservation Plan and Wetland Guidance for the Anoka Sandplain.

Wetland program contacts

Jennie Skancke, Wetlands Program Coordinator
[email protected]
500 Lafayette Rd Box 25
St Paul, MN 55155-4025
tel. (651) 259-5125

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