Workshop descriptions

Half-Day Clinics

Half-day clinics are geared for women, who are beginner to advanced in their outdoor skills, who are in search of a sample or introduction to an outdoor activity which provides the basic to advanced instruction in order to enhance their skills in a shorter time frame at a reasonable price. The following are the clinics we typically offer (time of year, site, and demand varies therefore we may not offer every clinic every year). All equipment is provided. However, participants are welcome to bring their own equipment (firearms, fishing rods, etc.).

Fly-Fishing Clinic

Learn the basics of fly-fishing, choosing the correct rod and line, and matching the hatch to the stream environment & time of year.

Mother/Child Fishing Clinic

Learn the basics of fishing, fish cleaning & cooking.

Hunting Warm-Up Days

Learn to shoot a shotgun, getting started hunting, tips to training your dog, and an Introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS).

Shooting Clinics

Learn eye dominance, anatomy of a shotgun, basics of firearm safety, the differences between trap and clay shooting, and get the opportunity to shoot a variety of shotguns.

B.O.W. Weekend Workshops

B.O.W. Weekend Workshops are weekend events that begin around noon on Friday and end Sunday after lunch. These workshops allow women to try their hand at 4 different activities over the weekend. Workshops are generally held at environmental learning centers, resorts or educational facilities. These facilities range from rustic to modern lodging depending on the location where the workshop is held. The rooms can be anything from dorm rooms, to rustic cabins or lodges. Meals are provided on-site and can also vary from cafeteria style to dining room settings. The focus for the weekend is learning outdoor skills in a comfortable atmosphere. After classes, participants can gear up for evening fun. Women may try their hand at pioneer skills, sample fish and game appetizers, or catch an evening of "round robin" which provides opportunities to learn about a variety of activities.

Beyond B.O.W. Weekend Workshops

Beyond B.O.W. Weekend workshops are workshops that concentrate on refining a single (beginning to advanced) outdoor skills. Here are just a few Beyond B.O.W. Workshops that Minnesota has had in the past or is currently scheduled:

  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Canoeing & Camping
  • Camping
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Fly-Fishing
  • Guided Archery Hunt
  • Guided Grouse Hunt
  • Hunting Weekend (Archery deer hunting or small game hunting)
  • Ice Fishing
  • Winter Camping