Conservation Officer Internship Program

THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THE 2018 SUMMER INTERNSHIPS IS 4 P.M. JANUARY 31, 2018.  All applications must be received before this date to be considered.  All applications after this date will not be considered and will have to re-apply for 2019.

In order to apply for an internship, you must be fulfilling an academic requirement and/or result in academic credit from an accredited educational institution.  The internships are unpaid and limited to maximum of 200 hours during the months of May-September.  The Division does not provide any expenses or room and board for participation in the Internship Program.

The DNR Enforcement Division offers four internships every year throughout the state.  In order to be chosen for an internship with the Division, applicants must fill out the required application paperwork and go through a selection process that will include a ride along/interview with a Conservation Officer.

The application/selection process has three steps:

  1. Fill out and send the following forms to DNR Enforcement Training (contact information below):
  1. On or before February 7th, selected applicants will be notified to set up a ride along with a local Conservation Officer.  This is the applicant's responsibility to contact a Conservation Officer and set up a ride along.  Applicants will need to notify the internship coordinator who the ride along is scheduled with BEFORE the ride along is completed.  The deadline for completing the ride along is March 15th, 2017.  To find a CO in your area use the "CO Locator" on the DNR website.
  2. On or about April 1st, notifications will be given to those selected for the internship program.

For additional information or to submit application paperwork contact:

CO Aaron Kahre
MN DNR Enforcement Division
Internship Coordinator
15011 ST HWY 115
Little Falls, MN  56345
Office:  320.4112.1179
Fax:  320.616.2488
[email protected]