Permits & technical assistance

Wetlands are protected by several laws, and a permit may be required for your project if you propose to alter an existing wetland. Contact your county soil and water conservation district (SWCD) for guidance on the need for permits and for technical assistance. You may also contact your local DNR area wildlife managerlocal DNR area wildlife manager for technical assistance. Additional information on wetland permits is available at these web sites:

You may also elect to download a copy of the Permit Application Forms for Water/Wetland Projects. Complete the form and submit it to the various agencies as directed on the form, and they will respond regarding the need for a permit or other approvals.

Financial assistance may be available through various government programs for restoring drained or degraded wetlands. Check with your county soil and water conservation district (SWCD). These programs are not likely to fund projects that would alter existing, undisturbed wetlands. You may also want to check with local sporting or conservation clubs for potential cost-share assistance.

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