Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter

photo collage black mold on maple, witchs' broom, anthracnose on ash leaves, white pine with brown needles

June 2019

black mold on maple trees with tap buckets

Orange slime on birch and ironwood, and other weird stuff on tree bark

Crazy harmless stuff sometimes grows on tree sap.


emerald ash borer on bark

Emerald ash borer update

Read the latest about EAB.

ash leaves with anthracnose

Leaf disease on ash and oak

Our wet spring is promoting a leaf disease on ash and oak.

winter pine with brown needles

Winter drying injury on evergreens in Northern Minnesota

Winter didn’t take its toll on just us.

map of minnesota showing forest health region locations

New forest health specialists in the Northwest and Northeast Regions

Drum roll: introducing the newest members of the forest health team!

witches broom on red pine

Witches’-broom on red pine

Neither a witch, nor a broom

pine forest

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