Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter

photo collage black mold on maple, witchs' broom, anthracnose on ash leaves, white pine with brown needles

October 2019

aeiral over swamp showing dying trees

Too much of a good thing? High precipitation levels throughout Minnesota impact trees.

It's raining, it's pouring.

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oak tree showing signs of blighted shoot

Blighted shoot on oaks

A blight on the landscape

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acron with timny wasp hole

Acorns falling early

Tiny wasp responsible for some red oak acorns falling prematurely. Read more

aspen leaves with blotch miner

Aspen blotch miner

Read about what is causing aspen leaf damage.

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oyster mushrooms on dead tree

Start seeing mushrooms

Time for a fungal foray! Read more

white pine with yellow tips

White pines looking yellow

Unusual fungus found on white pine. Read more

fall webworm nest in tree

Much ado about nothing

What's the most-reported fall mystery?

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pine forest

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