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photo collage forest tent caterpillar, person cleaning boot at boot brush station, close up of pine seedling in shock, pine truck with white speaks

June 2020

group of forest tent caterpillars

Forest tent caterpillar outlook for 2020

What is the outlook for forest tent caterpillar in 2020?

More about Forest tent caterpillar outlook

person stand at boot brush station cleaning boots

Preventing forest invasives based on how people play

Preventing terrestrial invasive species looks different in every state forest.

More about how invasive species prevention differs in each state forest.

close up of giant hornet in person's hand

U of M Extension answers questions about invasive giant hornets

What you need to know about invasive giant hornets

More about invasive giant hornets.

landscape view of hill side with dead areas

Frost damage to oaks

Did your oak's leaves turn brown and fall off when they were really tiny this May?

Here's why your oak leaves may have turned brown

close of pruning wounds on cabapple tree

Beware pruning off dead branches

Properly pruning dead branches is easier said than done.

More about pruning carefully during the spring

white pine with yellow tips

Growing pains: how to recognize and treat transplant shock

Learn why trees develop transplant shock and what you can do about it

More about recognizing and treating transplant stock.

large american elm tree

How to report large and healthy American elms

You can report large, healthy, resistant American elms. One day they may help protect wet forests threatened by emerald ash borer.

More about reporting large American elms

close up of jack pine needles with black mold on them

Pine tortoise scale

Why are my jack pines covered in mold?

More about pine tortoise scale

pine tree truck with white spots on it

Pine bark adelgid

Does it look like your white pine tree has a myterious coat of white paint? It could be due to a heavy infestation of a very small insect.

More about the myterious coat of white paint

pine forest

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