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photo collage forest tent caterpillar, person cleaning boot at boot brush station, close up of pine seedling in shock, pine truck with white speaks

November 2021

precipitation map of minnesota.

Drought summary for Minnesota's forests

Breaking down the impact of the 2021 drought to forests.

blue color stain on pine log ends

Drought impacts on red pine

How will the drought affect our state tree?

twolined chestnut borer larva

Drought impact on oaks

What is the fate of drought-stressed oaks?

Spruce budworms and webbing covering pine branch

Spruce budworm impact on northeast Minnesota

Since 2018, the spruce budworm has defoliated or destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of fir and spruce forests in northeastern Minnesota.

map showing locations of oak wilt in minnesota

Invasive, deadly oak wilt confirmed for the first time in Cass County

Oak wilt spreads into a new Minnesota county.

close up of maple truck showing scratch marks

Attack of the squirrels

Sugar maple branches flagged orange in central Minnesota this summer, but not because of drought.

pine forest

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