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photo collage aerial photo, spruce showng signs of herbicide damage, red pine shoot moth and spruce budworm

September 2020

close-up view of a large web covering a tree branch with caterpillars inside

Fall webworm made many webs this summer

Got webs in your trees? You aren't alone.


Tall Red oaks with bare canopies.

Oaks on the decline from variability in growing season precipitation

Why your oak trees may be looking unhealthy this year.

single white pine cone showing showing holes

White pine cone beetle busy this year

Noticing an abnormal amount of white pine cones on the ground?

Aspen tree showing browning leaves at the covering the bottom and middle of the tree.

Aspen mystery

Aspen trees mysteriously turning brown.

brown leaves on a willow branch

Browning willow

Willows with brown leaves noticed in northern St. Louis County.

close up of a Jack pine budworm

Jack pine budworm outbreak

Do your jack pines look like something is wrong with them?

ponderosa needles and shoots have brown tips.

Don't plant ponderosa pines in Minnesota

Ponderosa pines aren't tolerating southern and central Minnesota's climate.

pine forest

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