Game and Fish Fund oversight applications

Request for applications for appointment

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking at least 12 persons to fill two-year terms on the Fisheries Oversight Committee (FOC) and Wildlife Oversight Committee (WOC) for the Game and Fish Fund. This is a self-nomination process. Minnesotans who would like to serve on committees that review how the DNR spends Game and Fish Fund dollars are welcome to submit an online application by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019.

Note: Current appointees seeking another term must submit a full new application for appointment because some of the application questions have been updated.

The DNR seeks to appoint a mix of citizens who together comprise a range of knowledge and interests about natural resource management and how it is funded through various licenses, permits, stamps, and other funding sources. Applicants should have a strong interest in monitoring the proper expenditure of those funds.

The DNR commissioner appoints members to definite terms to offer clarity for the member’s commitment and to provide opportunities for new participants. About half of the current members’ terms expire on December 14, 2019, and are subject to this open application.


To be considered for appointment, the applicant must be a Minnesota resident and must have purchased at least one Minnesota game and fish license within the past year.

Current employees of the state of Minnesota along with retired and former full-time permanent employees of the Minnesota DNR Fish and Wildlife Division are considered ineligible for appointment on the basis of conflict of interest.

Seasonal and temporary employees of the Minnesota DNR Fish and Wildlife Division become eligible for appointment one year after the end of their last employment with the DNR.

  • Appointees work together to review the agency’s annual Game and Fish Fund Report and, following discussions with agency representatives, prepare a report on their findings.
  • On December 15 each year, the DNR publishes an annual Game and Fish Fund Report on expenditures from the fund. Each committee reviews the report in detail, discusses questions and any issues of concern, and drafts a report on the conclusions of its review.
  • Five members of each committee also serve on an umbrella Budgetary Oversight Committee (BOC) and the commissioner appoints a BOC Chair to make that a group of eleven. The BOC addresses matters of common concern and integrates the FOC and WOC reports into a final joint Budgetary Oversight Committee Report.
Estimated annual time commitment
  • Citizen oversight work begins with a kickoff meeting at the DNR Central Office in St Paul in mid-December when the DNR’s Game and Fish Fund Report is available.
  • The FOC and WOC set their own schedules for January to April/May, and you may expect one to two meetings a month and individual work to do in between meetings. Estimated annual hours for an FOC or WOC member are 30 to 35 hours (including meetings, research/individual work, and writing) plus travel time. Members may participate via Skype to minimize travel time.
  • Members designated by the FOC and WOC to serve on the BOC have an additional time commitment. The BOC meets monthly, January to May, at 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. The estimated annual hours for a BOC member are 15 meeting hours, 3 hours of at-home work, plus travel time. BOC members can participate via Skype to minimize travel time. Some additional work may be necessary after the May meeting to wrap up details and vote on the report.
  • Meetings are hosted at the DNR Central Office. Supper is provided for members attending meetings in the DNR Central Office after regular business hours.
General terms
  • Appointees are asked to commit to a two-year term. Oversight committee members may apply for up to three consecutive appointments. There is a learning curve in the first year for new members and it make take a year for new members to get up to speed. Committee members’ terms are staggered to help maintain a continuity of knowledge and experience.
  • Appointments are competitive and members are not guaranteed another consecutive term. Appointed committee members must apply again if they are interested in continuing to serve for another term.
  • The commissioner considers such factors as interests, knowledge experience, demography, and geographic distribution to maintain a mix of participation in each committee.
  • Finalists are checked for game, fish, and aquatic invasive species law violations recorded within the past three years, and such records are also considered before final appointees are selected.
  • Appointees may request mileage reimbursement but they are not eligible for a per diem (compensation).
  • An appointee must inform the DNR of current and potential conflicts of interest before and during their appointment.
How to apply

Please read all of the information in this request for applications before applying.

The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019.

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