Native plant suppliers, landscapers, and restoration consultants for Minnesota

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Native plant suppliers and landscapers lists

Lists of native plant nurseries and native vegetation consultants are organized by regions of the state. Last updated June 20, 2016

Erosion Resources

Seed Source

Remember to ask about seed source location; seed from sources closest to your site will be more adapted to local conditions.

The Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA), the state's official seed certification agency as designated by the Minnesota State Legislature, certifies native grasses and forbs to assure buyers that seed labeled with certification tags meets specified standards. The program responds to market demands for native plant materials of known and verified origin. Ask for certified seed. To contact MCIA call (800) 510-6242.

Look for plant sources from your Ecological Classification (ECS) subsection. ECS subsections are defined by glacial landforming processes, bedrock formations, local climate, topography, and the distribution of plants.

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