Firefighter Property Program

Available only to Minnesota fire departments.

Department of Defense (DoD) Firefighter Property Program

DNR Forestry has the authority to acquire excess military equipment and transfer the equipment to fire departments and emergency service agencies. A certificate to obtain title will be made available to recipients of the equipment once the equipment is converted and ready to be placed into service. Fire departments are responsible for licensing these vehicles. The Forest Service manages this program with the cooperation of the State forestry agencies.

How to apply: The rural fire department chief submits the Forestry Fire Equipment Request Form to [email protected]. The requesting fire department will be placed on the waiting list for the specific vehicle.

Send letter and form to [email protected]

Program Contact:
Terry Shields
Rural Fire Program Equipment Specialist
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
85894 County Road 61
Willow River, MN 55795
Tel: 218-423-6052

Fire departments will be responsible for paying a transportation fee, any service and/or parts fees. The transportation charges are based on shipping costs that the DNR incurred in transporting the vehicle to Willow River.

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