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Minnesota Statutes, section 14.14, subd. 1a, requires each agency to maintain a list of all persons who have registered with the agency for the purpose of receiving all notices of department rule proceedings .Persons may register to receive notice of all DNR rule proceedings by submitting to the DNR their electronic mail address or their name and U.S. mail address.

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Rules and fisheries management information for various fish species and programs

Receive future notices by email for changes in rules or management plans for various fish species.

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  • Aquaculture
  • Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Fee Rules
  • Bass rules and management
  • Border Water rules and management
  • Catfish rules and management
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Commercial Minnow Activities
  • Fishing Contests
  • Lake Superior rules and management
  • Muskie and Northern Pike rules and management
  • Spearing /bowfishing rules
  • Sport fishing rules
  • Sturgeon rules and management
  • Sunfish/Perch/Crappie rules and management
  • Trout rules and management
  • Underutilized/Rough fish rules and management
  • Walleye rules and management