Local Water Access Editor Application

The application is closed.

The Local Water Access Editor Application is a web-based mapping tool that provides local government units (LGUs) the ability to review and update location and public information about public water access sites within their county. Changes can only be made to sites not administered by the DNR.

Staff involved in their county's AIS Prevention Aid program may use this application to review, edit, add and delete local water access site features.

Edits made in this application are verified by DNR staff. Changes that are deemed accurate and consistent with site conditions will be included in the authoritative water access site dataset. These data will be used by the Minnesota Department of Revenue to calculate the distribution of the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid. All information in the authoritative dataset is available for public distribution and is used to make several products, including digital and printed maps.

Using the application

Accessing the application

Up to three people representing local units of government within each county will have access to the application.

To access the application for the first time:

  1. Visit the log-in page. You must use a Firefox or Chrome browser.
  2. Click "Don't have an account? Sign up here".
  3. Complete the requested information.
  4. Click "Create Account".

DNR staff will review your request and notify you by email within 1-2 days if you are authorized to use the application. Once you receive access, you will be able to use the editing tool by logging in with your user name and password.


If you have questions about the application or its use, please contact an AIS Prevention Aid Planner.

Tina Wolbers
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155
[email protected]

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