Contact an Expert

Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinators -

Primary contacts for questions on the identification, prevention, and management of terrestrial invasive species.

Terrestrial Invasive Species-

For questions on invasive terrestrial plants and biological control.

Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator | Laura Van Riper | 651-259-5090


Forestry Invasive Species Program-

For questions on invasive terrestrial plants found on state forest lands.

Forestry Invasive Species Program Coordinator | Vacant

Regional Terrestrial Invasive Species Specialists -

Local contact for questions on the identification and prevention of terrestrial invasive plants in forest ecosystems.

Northwest Region | Mike Locke | 218-308-2368

Northeast Region | Casey Baysal | 218-328-8891

Central Region | Jean Mouelle | 651-259-5783