Lake name: German

County: Washington

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Water Level Data

Period of record: 04/15/1986 to 10/16/2017
# of readings: 124
Highest recorded: 957.13 ft (06/25/2003)
Lowest recorded: 952.3 ft (06/02/2010)
Recorded range: 4.83 ft
Last reading: 956.11 ft (10/16/2017)
Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) elevation: 955.5 ft
Datum: NGVD 29 (ft)

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Elevation: 958.96 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 04/15/2003Location: T32R20S18
Description: Found 2013 for Gage Run use only with prior permission. 60d spike in lakeside of a 0.9' popple, southerly of 3 popples on bank north of yard area, at private residence, 10860 213th St, Scandia. [Note: Subtract 0.37' from NGVD 1929 elevations to obtain NAVD 1988 datum.]
Elevation: 961.02 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 05/21/1986Location: T32R20S18
Description: 60d spike in NE root of a 1.9' oak 25' from waters edge and northerly most tree on the east side of a point extending from the west side of the lake on private property off 213th St, Scandia (SE-NW-SE, Section 18).
Elevation: 963.12 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 06/18/2015Location: T32R20S18
Description: For use only with prior permission from landowner. Set horizontal 7" spike in 1.0' DBH oak amongst many oaks, second closest to trail to water access from rough parking area, at end of very rough field road on private property next to utility easement land on NE side of main lake basin, off 218th St N, south of 11040 218th St N, Scandia.