Lake name: Poplar

County: Cook

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Water Level Data

Period of record: 08/22/1968 to 05/16/2017
# of readings: 768
Highest recorded: 1855.12 ft (05/16/1996)
Highest known: 1855.45 ft (05/20/01)
Lowest recorded: 1851.42 ft (09/09/1998)
Recorded range: 3.7 ft
Last reading: 1854 ft (05/16/2017)
Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) elevation: 1854.2 ft
Datum: NGVD 29 (ft)

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Elevation: 1856.73 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 05/22/1990Location: T64R1S6
Description: High point on 4'x 3' gray boulder, 5' east of the boat access and 10' from the waters edge, at Nor'Wester Lodge, 7778 Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, on northeast end of lake.
Elevation: 1856.89 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 05/22/1990Location: T64R2S1
Description: 3/8"x 8" spike set vertically in the top center of a 1.4' birch stump 8' from the waters edge in line with the dock, at private Fred Dell 1990 residence, on Voyager Point on W end of lake.
Elevation: 1858.23 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 05/26/2010Location: T64R2S1
Description: Found 2017 for Gage Run use only with prior permission from owner. Top high point on large boulder, 9.2' NW from NW corner of dock, 3' West from red pine, at Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters, Gunflint Trail, 50 Rockwood Rd, Grand Marais, on the northwest side of lake.