Lake name: Deer

County: Itasca

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Water Level Data

Period of record: 10/21/1969 to 10/13/2018
# of readings: 582
Highest recorded: 1309.02 ft (07/27/1999)
Highest known: 1309.2 ft (04/23/41)
Lowest recorded: 1307.52 ft (10/15/2012)
Recorded range: 1.5 ft
Last reading: 1307.91 ft (10/13/2018)
Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) elevation: 1309 ft
Datum: NGVD 29 (ft)

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Elevation: 1317.49 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 08/13/1990Location: T57R26S32
Description: 3/8 x 8" spike at a 45 degree angle in the S-SE side of a power pole, on the south side of C.S.A.H. 19 where Deer and Moose Lakes are closest to the road and approximately 1000' east of Voights Store.
Elevation: 1312.04 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 10/21/1969Location: T57R27S25
Description: Brass conservation plaque in right abutment of outlet dam.
Elevation: 1311.81 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 04/30/1991Location: T56R26S6
Description: At public access near the center south half of Sec. 6 - 3/8 x 8" spike at a 45 degree angle in the notched south root of a 2.4' white pine, 39' from the waters edge and 17' west of the centerline of the gravel access ramp, also the easterly and largest of two white pines at that location.
Elevation: 1310.97 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 05/20/2002Location: T56R26S5
Description: Lake gage RM: the top centerline (at outside edge) of the bottom stone step of lakeside entrance to gage readers house.