Lake name: Bald Eagle

County: Ramsey

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Water Level Data

Period of record: 04/30/1923 to 11/28/2017
# of readings: 3151
Highest recorded: 912.89 ft (05/14/1986)
Lowest recorded: 906.2 ft (12/01/1925)
Recorded range: 6.69 ft
Last reading: 911.78 ft (11/28/2017)
Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) elevation: 911.87 ft
Datum: MSL 1912 (ft)

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Elevation: 915.88 ftDatum: MSL 1912 (ft)
Date Set: 06/13/1980Location: T31R21S31
Description: U.S.G.S. "20 RDS 1950" elevation = 915.01 (NGVD 1929); 915.88 (MSL 1912); 914.64 (NAVD 1988). 700' west of outlet, 17' SW of SW corner of chain link fence around Lakeview Inn, and 29' E of E. edge of C/L of 1st drive north, SW of Lakeview Inn on No. side of Bald Eagle Blvd., 22' No. of C/L of road. [Note: Per 3/30/94 DOW survey of Ramsey Co BM paint mark on top of East side of inlet box culvert through Bald Eagle Blvd, add 0.87' to NGVD 1929 datum to obtain MSL 1912/Ramsey Co Datum. Using GPS - RTRN, MN DOT Geodetic Database lists subtracting 0.361 ft. from NGVD 1929 datum to obtain NAVD 1988 datum, as of 2007.]
Elevation: 913.14 ftDatum: MSL 1912 (ft)
Date Set: 03/30/1994Location: T30R22S3
Description: Ramsey Co BM. Orange paint mark on East side of Bridge No. 90415, on NE side of center railing post, between twin barrel concrete box culvert under W. Bald Eagle Blvd bridge over the canal leading to Otter Lake north of Co Rd 2 - Northwest portion of the lake. As per 3/30/94 DOW survey, subtract 0.87' from MSL 1912 datum/Local Datum to equate to NGVD 1929 datum.