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State earth materials leases

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issues leases to private companies and local governments to mine construction aggregates (sand and gravel, crushed stone) on school trust lands and other state-administered lands. This type of state lease is called an earth materials lease and is required prior to any aggregate mining on state-owned lands administered by the DNR.

A state earth materials lease requires a minimum annual production fee along with a payment for all materials removed. A state lease also includes requirements for environmental controls and reclamation of the site. Before a lease is issued, the lessee must provide a certificate of insurance by an insurance carrier licensed to do business in Minnesota at the amount specified in state law.

Earth materials leases may be issued upon application or are awarded as part of a public bid sale. At a public bid sale, the highest qualified bidder is awarded the lease. Under certain circumstances, "over-the-counter" permits may be issued for an additional fee.


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Lease school trust land for construction aggregate resources

The leasing of construction aggregates from school trust lands generates revenue for the permanent school fund. Sites may be available for lease on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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School trust aggregate finder map

Launch the web map to view high aggregate resource potential on School Trust Lands
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State earth materials lease process

View 7 common steps for getting a state earth materials lease.
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Reclaimed gravel pit as lake and marsh lands.

State earth materials lease management plans

Learn about the DNR’s planning and best management practices for aggregate extraction activities. One requirement is to have a mining and reclamation plan before mining starts.
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Sand and gravel and crushed stone resources

Sand, gravel, and crushed stone resources are the key ingredients in Minnesota's infrastructure. These are commonly called construction aggregates.
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If you would like to receive periodic email updates about DNR construction aggregate leasing opportunities or have questions, please contact:

Aggregate Leasing Program
Nic Borchardt

Lands and Minerals Division
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St. Paul, MN 55155-4045
Tel: 651-259-5958

Note: The DNR does not operate a retail business to sell stone products or construction aggregates. If you have a question regarding a site under lease, we can provide our lessees' contact information to you. Please send an email inquiry for more information.

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