Is my business a lake service provider?

By Minnesota Law, a Service Provider is an individual who or entity that:

(1) an individual who or entity that: decontaminates, installs, or removes water-related equipment or structures into or from waters of the state for hire or as a service provided as a benefit of membership in a yacht club, boat club, marina, or similar organization; or

(2) an individual who or entity that: rents or leases water-related equipment that will be used in, placed into, or removed from waters of the state. Service provider does not include a person working under the supervision of an individual with a valid service provider permit issued under section 84D.108.


Answer these questions to determine if your business is a Lake Service Provider:

Do you/your business get paid to install or remove water-related equipment in or out of Minnesota waters for another person or business? This includes businesses like marine mechanics that install equipment to test if its working properly. 

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Water-related equipment


Water-related equipment - as defined in state law means a motor vehicle, boat, watercraft, dock, boat lift, raft, vessel, trailer, tool, implement, device, or any other associated equipment or container, including but not limited to portable bait containers, live wells, ballast tanks (except those with a MPCA permit), bilge areas, and water-hauling equipment that is capable of containing or transporting AIS, aquatic macrophytes (plants), or water.

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