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photo of a person using a GeoPDF at Split Rock Creek State Park overlooking the lake

Don't get lost - navigate with your phone! The Avenza Maps® app uses GPS location tracking so you can stay found, even off the grid. After you have downloaded the app and a GeoPDF map, no Internet or cell service is needed. 

Before you hit the trail:

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1. Get the app

Your smartphone does not have a GeoPDF viewer on it by default. Download the Avenza Maps app to your smartphone or tablet. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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2. Get maps

After you've downloaded the Avenza app onto your mobile device, open the Avenza Map Store. To download our free maps, search "MNDNR" plus the name of the place you want to go.

DNR GeoPDF maps are available for:

  • Hunter walking trails
  • Off-highway vehicle trails
  • Snowmobile trails
  • Twin Cities area public water accesses (boat landings)
  • State forests
  • State parks and recreation areas
  • State trails
  • State water trails
  • Trout streams

Have a different GeoPDF viewer on your device? No problem! Download DNR GeoPDF maps from the website to use in your preferred app.

Note: The free version of the Avenza app lets you store as many maps as you want if you download them through the Avenza Map Store. If you get your geoPDF maps from somewhere else and open them in Avenza, the free version will limit you to three maps.


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3. Get going

Now it's time to start your adventure! You can locate yourself on the map, even while offline. Add photos, record your GPS tracks, measure distance - you can do lots of things with a GeoPDF. Getting lost shouldn't be one of them. 


Need help?

If you find a problem with a MN DNR map, including a GeoPDF map, please let us know by contacting the DNR Information Center. If you need help using the Avenza app, please contact Avenza - they have some good online resources and a help forum.

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