News release: Minnesota DNR unveils new shooting range finder web tool

May 30, 2024

A new web tool will make it easier for people to locate shooting ranges that meet their needs, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

There are around 350 shooting ranges throughout the state that cater to a broad variety of archery and firearms shooting, but the previous DNR web tool provided limited options for determining what was available at each range. The new, searchable Range Finder allows people to search for ranges by types of shooting sports and geographic location.

“Shooting sports continue to increase in popularity in Minnesota, and this new web tool will make it easier for people to locate ranges that provide exactly what they need,” said Chuck Niska, DNR shooting range coordinator.

As part of the range finder upgrade, the DNR sought details from all shooting ranges in the state about what their ranges provide. Depending upon what range managers provided, people can find information about what firearms and archery options are available at each range, as well as details about the specific activities, educational opportunities, hunting opportunities, and amenities that are available. The range finder also includes links to shooting range websites (if they’re available) and can generate maps using Google Maps.

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