Office of Communication and Outreach

The Office of Communication and Outreach provides communication services to help DNR programs, projects, and units develop and deliver accurate and relevant information to their audiences. The bureau coordinates a network of information and education staff within the central and regional offices to provide various services to increase public awareness of the state's natural resources.

Gail Nosek, communications director
[email protected]

Erik Evans, assistant communications director
[email protected]


DNR Information Center

[email protected]

Our information specialists answer approximately 86,000 telephone and 23,000 email questions and requests annually on Minnesota's natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities. The Information Center provides DNR brochures, maps and other information to the public, including the most up-to-date reports on burning restrictions, fall colors, river levels and snow depths. Information Consultants can call 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Live interpretation is also available in over 200 languages.  Walk in visitors are welcome from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed on holidays.

Media Unit

Steve Carroll, media unit supervisor
[email protected]

Maggie Snyder, news release and media specialist
[email protected]

This unit directs an integrated communications program that improves understanding of DNR programs, philosophies and policies and promotes a positive image for the DNR. Various communication tools include news releases, video b-roll and sound bites, radio actualities, and direct communications with reporters.

The unit also coordinates media and marketing services to increase focus and effort in media relations, communication planning and internal communications. This unit distributes DNR news releases and story tips, provides editing and communications planning services, generates revenue through the sale of advertising, and manages intellectual property rights and information access, among other related publications and communication services. This unit is also responsible for DNR mailing list sales. For more information on DNR news, PSAs, etc., visit News Releases.

Regional Information Officers

Regional information officers are stationed in the DNR's four regional headquarters. They are responsible for media relations, public outreach, and communications planning in their regions. They are also involved in special events, environmental education projects, and public relations. Get more information about DNR regions

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine

Chris Clayton, editor-in-chief
[email protected]

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, the official bimonthly magazine of the DNR, features award-winning stories and photographs of Minnesota's woods, waters, and wildlife. It has over 130,000 subscribers, including all Minnesota public schools and libraries. The magazine is uniquely supported entirely by donations from readers. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Web pages include teachers' study guides for Young Naturalists features. To learn more, visit: Minnesota Conservation Volunteer.

Creative Services Unit - Graphics / Photo / Video

Shamiah Specht, creative director
[email protected]

Steve Carroll, media unit supervisor
[email protected]

Our products and services include project consultation, printing assistance,  layout and design of books, brochures, posters, signs, billboards, electronic publications, and displays. The materials we produce directly support and advocate the Department's core activities.

Graphic Design

[email protected]

This unit provides Graphic Design services department-wide. Our products are used in the Department's educational, instructional, informational and promotional initiatives. We can provide support with project consultation, printing information/specs, layout and design for print and web publications. We are increasing efforts to achieve greater consistency throughout the department's identity. Our services do not include construction, fabrication, mounting, and laminating.


[email protected]

We provide photographic services for publications, displays, Intranet materials, and slide presentations.

Audio Visual

[email protected]

Audiovisual productions offered on a first-come, first-served basis include project planning, script writing, photography, videography, editing, and duplication.

  • Audio:  Radio public service announcements and training tapes.
  • Video:  Training videos, informational videos, TV public service announcements and TV, cable and satellite presentations.  

Volunteer Programs

Renée Hartwig, volunteer director
[email protected]

Volunteer Programs focuses on connecting people to Minnesota’s great outdoors through outreach opportunities in a variety of settings in state parks, wildlife management areas, state forests, and other public lands. The volunteer director in this unit manages, coordinates, and supports the various volunteer programs within the DNR statewide. The director also coordinates hundreds of volunteers to assist the DNR at the Minnesota State Fair, writes volunteer policies and procedures, consults with over 200 division volunteer coordinators, tracks volunteer trends within the DNR, and communicates with DNR alumni and retirees. More than 20,000 people volunteer each year to assist the DNR on projects.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, visit: Volunteer Opportunities

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