FAQ’s for Workshop Facilitators

Where do I send forms?
Where do I get CEU certificates, books, and posters?

PLT- Laura Duffey
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[email protected]

How can I get a workshop approved for college credit?

Facilitators can arrange for workshops to qualify for graduate credit by contacting the graduate office of your college or university of choice and completing the steps they require. Typically, facilitators must have a master’s degree in the field of education, environmental education, or related study. Getting your workshop certified for credits takes time. The college graduate office will want you to produce a syllabus, complete with a plan for rigorous assessment of each workshop participant. Many facilitators require participants to complete homework, conduct and report on PLT done with students, write a paper, etc. and return the work to the facilitator for grading.

What’s a CEU? How are they granted?

A CEU is a continuing education unit. Typically the number of CEUs granted to workshop participants on the Certificate of Workshop Completion is equal to the number of hours of workshop “seat time”—that is, the time spent in a workshop excluding breaks and lunch. Teachers will take their CEU certificate back to their school for approval as a continuing education credit. We have never heard of a case of a school denying a PLT workshop being denied for continuing education credits.

How many hours long should a workshop be?




Early Childhood

2 hours

3 – 4 hours


4 hours

6 – 8 hours


2 hours

3 – 4 hours

May teachers buy supplemental materials without attending a second workshop?

Most of the time—yes. Tell the participant to contact one of the state coordinators above. Typically, participants want one of the early childhood supplements or a PLT secondary module. When in doubt, contact one of the state coordinators.

Where are the correlations to academic standards?

PLT is correlated to many standards, including English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Many activities are also correlated to the FOSS kits and Boy and Girl scout badges. It’s a good idea at a workshop to show teachers where to find these links on the computer.

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