Project WILD curriculum

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There are four main activity guides: Project WILD and Aquatic WILD, Growing Up WILD and Flying WILD. These easy to use curriculums offer educators a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for ages Pre-K (3-5) and grades K-12.

  • The objectives, methods, background information, step-by-step instructions, and ideas for expanding the lesson are stated in each activity.
  • Activities are hands-on and can be used for indoor and outdoor learning. They also include STEM, NGSS, and Common Core correlations.
  • Guides have cross-referencing index of activities by grade level, subject area, skill, setting and topic.
  • No special background knowledge or equipment is needed. The interdisciplinary nature of the activities allows them to be easily integrated with existing curriculum.

Click on any of the guides below to find out what you can expect out of these different workshops!

growing up wild cover Growing Up Wild
(3-7 year olds)

project wild cover
Project Wild
(K-12 wildlife and habitat)

aquatic wild cover
Aquatic Wild
(K-12 aquatic wildlife and habitat)

flying wild cover
Flying Wild
(Middle school: building toward a bird festival)

How To Get Project WILD Materials

Project WILD educational materials (guides) are only available to those who attend instructional 3-6 hour workshops offered by certified leaders (Facilitators). These workshops give teachers, naturalists, scout leaders and other environmental educators tools to apply within their own classroom or program, and a copy of a guide. (Workshop costs range from $25-$30).