Hydroptila novicola    Blickle and W.J. Morse, 1954

A Caddisfly 

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  Basis for Former Listing

Hydroptila novicola is known in Minnesota from approximately 30 localities in the northeastern portion of the state, most recently in 2001. These occurrences are disjunct from the other known populations of this species in the northeastern and southeastern United States. Further inventory work is needed to find additional populations of H. novicola and delineate its range in the state. H. novicola was listed as a special concern species in Minnesota in 1996.

  Basis for Delisting

Extensive sampling was conducted between 1999-2001 during which several additional populations of H. novicola were found in northern Minnesota. These occured in a variety of habitats suggesting the species isn't restricted by habitat. Based on these data, H. novicola appears to be more common and widespread in Minnesota than it was once thought to be, making special concern status unnecessary. Hydroptila novicola was delisted in 2013.

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