Tomentypnum falcifolium    Ren. ex Nich.

Curved-leaved Golden Moss 

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(as Tomenthypnum falcifolium)
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Tomenthypnum falcifolium, Tomentypnum nitens var. falcifolium, Camptothecium nitens var. falcifolium

  Basis for Former Listing

Tomenthypnum falcifolium (curved-leaved golden moss) was first discovered in the state by G. A. Wheeler in 1977 (Wheeler and Glaser 1982) and it was listed as a special concern species in Minnesota in 1984. Intensive peatland research since then has turned up numerous additional occurrences (Janssens 2009), with nearly as many records as its common putative ancestor, the rich fen species T. nitens (woolly feather-moss; Vitt and Hamilton 1975). It has recently been reported from the Lake Baikal area in Siberia, Inner Mongolia, and far northeast China (Vitt et al. 1990), thus extending its range to circumboreal.

  Basis for Delisting

The numerous additional discoveries and the extensive range of T. falcifolium in the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province in northern Minnesota have indicated that this moss is much more common and widespread than originally thought to be. Therefore, T. falcifolium was delisted in 2013.

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