ATV safety training requirements

Effective July 1, 2017, youth ages 6 through 15 must complete the following:

  • Online ATV safety course;
  • Hands-on ATV riding performance class (a parent or guardian must be present at the hands-on training portion for youth ages 6 through 10).
  • First, complete an ATV safety online course (select one): (the fee for the online course $24.95)

  • Next, attend a Hands-On ATV Safety class:
    Students ages 6 - 15 must register for a Hands-On ATV Safety Training class located on our Class Calendar (below). A fee may be collected by the instructor.

The Hands-On training includes:  Student must meet Fit Requirements; Basic ATV operation, protecting the environment, common ATV parts and controls, MN rules and laws, responsible ATV riding skills for trail riding, and practicing/demonstrating skills on an ATV course. Student must be fitted to the ATV they will be operating.

Students can print their ATV Safety Certificate from the DNR website after passing the Hands-On class. Instructions provided during class (includes DNR fee of $10). The ATV Certificate becomes valid at age 12.

ATV training requirement for Age 16 and older

Anyone born after July 1, 1987, and who is 16 years or older can complete one of the ATV safety online courses and pay all necessary fees online to meet certification requirements. Not required to attend the ATV safety Hands-On class.

Alternate ATV safety training

Proof of completion of the ATV Rider Course offered by the All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute is adequate to meet the safety certificate requirements. The fee for the course is $55.


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Grand Rapids ***CLASS FULL***

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ATV Safety Online Field Day Class *** CLASS FULL***


Grand Rapids

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ATV Safety Online Field Day Class


Grand Rapids

Itasca County

ATV Safety Online Field Day Class