How to start a school forest

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Keep your goals in mind and tackle the items one at a time. Contact School Forest Program staff members if you have questions or need advice or assistance. They will be a strong ally in your endeavor.

Rockfore teacher training- teacher writting a jounral sitting in the snow.Ask yourself these questions.

Before you begin, consider the unique characteristics of your school, staff, and board.
Ask yourself these questions.

  • Land: Do you have land in mind, or do you need help acquiring land for a school forest?
  • Commitment: Are you willing to make a long-term commitment to your school forest?
  • Support: Can you find others who are committed to forming a school forest in your community?
  • Administration: Do you know if your administrators will be supportive? How will you engage them?

To request a copy of the guide please contact the School Forest Program staff.

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