School Forests in Minnesota

Welcome to the School Forest Program website!

graphic of School Forest logoA school forest is an outdoor classroom. Students learn and apply math, art, science, language arts, and social studies while gaining an appreciation and awareness of natural resources.

For students, School Forests develop and provide:

  • self-esteem
  • sense of community
  • skills
  • knowledge base
  • life-long critical thinking
  • real-life situations
  • frequent, enjoyable outdoor experiences
  • engagement in learning

For schools, the School Forest program provides:

Open the door to natural resources for your students today!


Updated GPS kit

Check out the newly updated GPS kit. It includes more curriculum and lesson ideas and a new teaching compass. Check it out for up to three weeks.

New site features page

Find inspiration for your next project. Our updated site features page shows features from different School Forests around the state including benches, classroom seating areas, and structures.