School Forests in Minnesota

collage of four images of students learning outside.

A school forest is an outdoor classroom. Students learn and apply math, art, science, language arts, and social studies while gaining an appreciation and awareness of natural resources.

students outside sitting on tree trunks.

School forest snapshots

Every site is unique. Some schools have converted boring lawns into vibrant forests. Others have students inventory timber to sell to a logger and generate funding for their site. Some schools arrange for busses to take them to their forest, and many others walk to the forested spot outside their door.

four students standing in a wooded area by a bird house

School forest webpages and social media

Some schools have their own school forest webpages that are continually updated. Find trail maps, photos, and examples of student work.

student outside in the winter

School forests in the news

Communities love their school forests. Read about how students have planted trees, created maps, tapped maples, and have benefitted from nature-based teaching tools.

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