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School Forest Committee

School Forest Committee

One of the key components to a successful School Forest is a strong School Forest Committee. Having a committee helps ensure a long-term commitment, spreads out responsibilities, and gives needed support to the site coordinator. The committee should consist of individuals who can put forth the time and energy necessary to see things through.

School Forest Committee Duties:

  • Write a mission statement
  • Guide site development
  • Oversee activities in the School Forest
  • Ensure appropriate funding is available
  • Make decisions or recommendations regarding the School Forest

School Forest Committee Basics

The average committee consists of 6-10 individuals from different backgrounds and interests. This provides an array of perspectives and possible solutions to tasks and challenges the committee may face.

The chair of the committee, called the School Forest site coordinator, must have leadership and organizational skills, be willing to work toward the committee's goals for multiple years, and have the skill set necessary to serve as a leader working with people with different backgrounds and perspectives. The site coordinator is the main program contact and ensures school program responsibilities are met.

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