Program Information: Already have land?

School Forest logoAlready have land?

If you already have land there are a few things to start working on. First, contact the School Forest Staff. They'll be able to give you more detailed information on what you'll need for your application.

Here are the main requirements:

Copy of the Deed:
The deed legally describes the area of land that is owned. Your superintendent should have this if its school owned land, but if not, contact the county recorder's office. There is usually a small fee for the copy. However, it's important for administrators to understand what area of land the school is liable for.

Legal Description:
This can be done in a few ways so it's important to contact the School Forest Staff for further information on how to proceed with this step. It needs to be noted correctly in all files for future reference.

Site Map:
There are many tools that can help create a map or you may already have one on hand. It can be hand drawn, a plat map (if your School Forest is an entire parcel), or you can use a Google map using drawing tools to create the perimeter. See below for a few examples.

photo: Glacier Hills School Forest Google Map example

Glacier Hills School Forest Google Map example

photo: Finlayson School Forest Plat map

Finlayson School Forest
Plat map