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Stay in a seasonal one-, two- or three-bedroom log-and-stick cabin beneath the towering pines of Wilderness Drive near the Mississippi River headwaters.

  • All cabins are stick-built with knotty pine interior, except Cabin 12, which is log construction.
  • All cabins have a full kitchen and include linens and towels for all occupants.
  • All cabins have heat, air conditioning and a picnic table.
  • Cabins are available from Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through the first Sunday in October. Some cabins have a slightly longer extended season.
  • Some cabins have a fireplace and screened porch; some cabins are also pet-friendly.


E: Extended season, available from Friday of fishing opener through the second weekend of deer rifle season.
FP: Fireplace
P: Screen porch
S: Shower
T/S: Tub/Shower

B01Sleeps 6 in 2 bedrooms. 2 doubles, 1 futon.T/Syes$180 *

$1,080 *

B02Sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms. 1 queen, 2 doubles.Syes$225 *$1,350 *
B03Sleeps 4 in 1 bedroom. 1 queen, 1 hide-a-bed.Sno$180$1,080
B04Sleeps 6 in 2 bedrooms. 1 queen, 1 double, 1 futon.ES, FP, P, T/Syes$180 *$1,080 *
B05Sleeps 8 in 3 bedrooms. 3 doubles, 1 futon.Sno$225$1,350
B06Sleeps 2 in 1 bedroom. 1 queen.Sno$140$840
B07Sleeps 8 in 3 bedrooms. 1 queen, 2 doubles, 1 futon.ES, FP, P, T/Sno$225$1,350
B08Sleeps 8 in 3 bedrooms. 1 queen, 2 doubles, 1 futon.ES, FP, P, T/Sno$225$1,350
B09Sleeps 6 in 2 bedrooms. 1 queen, 1 double, 1 futon.ES, FP, P, T/Syes$180 *$1,080 *
B10Sleeps 6 in 2 bedrooms. 1 queen, 1 double, 1 futon.ES, FP, P, T/Sno$180$1,080
B11Sleeps 4 in 1 bedroom. 1 double, 1 futon.Syes$140 *$840 *
B12Sleeps 4 in 1 bedroom. 1 double, 1 futon.Syes$180$1,080


  • Pets are allowed in the units indicated as pet friendly units only. Pets must be personally attended at all times.
  • Wireless Internet access is available at certain locations around Itasca State Park! Please note that signal strength may vary. Access is available at the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center, Douglas Lodge, Pine Ridge Campground, Campground Office, Forest Inn, Mary Gibbs Headwaters Center, Four-Season Suites and Bear Paw Campground.
  • * Prices for cabins # 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10 will increase by $120 per week / $20 per night in 2021.

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