Tours in Minnesota state parks

Photos of people enjoying cave, mine and bison tours at Minnesota State Parks and Trails

Visit a mine, a cave, or a bison range! All tours are available seasonally.

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Bison on the Blue Mounds prairie, seen from the tour bus

location map Bison and prairie tours 

Experience the sights and smells of the prairie as you travel into the bison range at Blue Mounds State Park on this educational 90-minute bus tour. Tours end for the season October 23, 2022.

People on the accessible Scenic Tour of Mystery Cave

location mapMystery Cave tours

Cave tours showcase features like stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, fossils, and beautiful underground pools. Various tour options available. Tours end for the season October 23, 2022.

A tour group wears hard hats in the Soudan Underground Mine

location mapSoudan Mine tours

Take a guided tour of the above-ground structures at Soudan Mine, Minnesota's first and deepest underground mine. Various tour options available. Underground tours are suspended until the mine shaft construction project is completed.

People search for fossils on the Hill Annex Fossil Tour

location mapHill Annex Mine tours

Take a bus tour tracing the route miners once took to get to work, or hunt for fossils -- you can even keep whatever you find! Two 90-minute tours. These tours are suspended until further notice.