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Welcome to the Luce Line State Trail virtual tour! Bring your bike, walking stick, or horse to experience miles of trail over a varied landscape that includes fields, forests, and lakes. We hope the tour prompts you to visit the state trail in person sometime soon.

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Photo of Gleason Lake's shoreline.


Gleason Lake

Gleason Lake is a beautiful spot along the trail for wildlife viewing and fishing. Please help control exotic species by brushing seeds and mud off your shoes at the provided boot brushes. Give invasive species the brush off!

Captioned video: Gleason Lake to Orono
(1 minute 37 seconds)

Photo of bike riders using the Orono Orchard Road bridge.


Orono Orchard Road Bridge

At this point, the horse tread way separates from the bike path and has an at-grade crossing while bikers, walkers, and snowmobilers cross the bridge. If you listen closely you might hear a nearby golf game through the trees.

Captioned video: Orono area to Stubbs Bay
(1 minute 24 seconds)

Photo of the trail near Stubbs Bay Road, not far from Lake Minnetonka.


Stubbs Bay

At Stubbs Bay Road, there is a nice city park and a parking lot for trail users. You can also catch a glimpse of Stubbs Bay which is a part of Lake Minnetonka. During the winter season, snowmobilers can begin riding west on the trail at this point. The eastern seven miles are left ungroomed for snowshoers and cross-country skiers.

Captioned video: Stubbs Bay to Oak Lake
(1 minute 19 seconds)

Photo of shoreline along Oak Lake.


Oak Lake

The shoreline along Oak Lake was restored during the fall of 2012 to improve the lake habitat and to stop eroding soil from entering the lake. Trail users may enjoy a break at a nearby bench while they soak in the scenery.

Captioned video: Oak Lake to Watertown
(52 seconds)

Photo of the trail bridge spanning South Fork of the Crow River.


South Fork of the Crow River, Watertown

The South Fork of the Crow River flows north from here to the Mississippi River. Watch for egrets and herons fishing along this lovely area. Trail users will find a horse corral and other amenities nearby, as well as a parking area on Territorial Street.

Captioned video: Watertown area to Vega Avenue
(1 minute 21 seconds)

Photo of the trail near Vega Avenue, under shady woods.


Vega Avenue Parking Area

A carry-over from the Big Woods that once occupied the area, a Maple-Basswood Forest lines the trail here. Trail users will enjoy the shade, solitude, and birdwatching opportunities offered by these rolling stands of sugar maple and basswood trees.

Captioned video: Vega Avenue to Winsted
(1 minute 26 seconds)

Photo of the old rail bed along Winsted Lake.


Winsted Lake

The Luce Line State Trail follows city roads through the town of Winsted and then connects up again at the old rail bed here at Winsted Lake. Lush vegetation bordering the lake provides lovely scenery and excellent wildlife-viewing opportunities.

Captioned video: Winsted to Hutchinson area
(1 minute 21 seconds)

Photo of the trail near Arch Street, in the city of Hutchinson, Minnesota.


Arch Street, Hutchinson

Arch Street offers a great place to access the Luce Line State Trail in Hutchinson. The trail connects communities along its route, just as the Luce brothers had planned for their Electric Short Line Railway in 1916. Today, the Luce Line State Trail follows the route once taken by that old railway.

Captioned video: Hutchinson area
(1 minute 17 seconds)

Photo of Thompson Lake County Park, in the city of Cosmos, Minnesota.

Thompson Lake County Park, Cosmos

Thompson Park (Meeker County) marks one end of the 63 mile-long Luce Line State Trail. Located one mile west of Cosmos on Lake Thompson, this park provides drinking water, bathrooms, picnic shelters, a fishing dock, playground equipment, and a sand volleyball court. The trail surface is mowed grass from this point on to Cedar Mills.

Captioned video: Cosmos to Hutchinson
(1 minute 17 seconds)

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