Volunteer as a state trail monitor

bike on a state trail

The state trail monitor volunteer program is a partnership with several local trail associations and clubs.

Interested in helping out? Here's what to do:

1. Contact the DNR

Contact the DNR area supervisor for the Minnesota state trail on which you would like to volunteer.
If the trail already has an organized volunteer group, we will help you connect with it.

2. Complete the required forms

Read and sign the state trail volunteer monitor agreement and return to the trail's area supervisor. This outlines which tasks volunteers can do and which should be left to the DNR.

Read and sign the volunteer informed consent form and return to the area supervisor. With this form you consent to the DNR's required criminal background check, which is necessary for all volunteers. This check only covers criminal court searches, and allows you to be covered under the DNR's workers' compensation and liability insurance, similar to employees. It is required before you can become a state trail volunteer.

3. Notification of authorization

You will be notified once you have been approved as an authorized state trail volunteer.

We will provide you with the notice of enrollment in certified managed care plan for workers' compensation injuries and illness.

4. Record your time

You will need to log the time you spend volunteering on the trail, including the location and section of trail monitored, date and hours (see the state trail volunteer time record form).
If you are volunteering as part of a group, you will report your hours to the group leader.
If you are not part of a group, you will report your volunteer hours to the area supervisor at least once a year.