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An online tool that finds and displays detailed information about many Trout streams in Minnesota. StreamFinder is a work in progress and does not cover all streams in Minnesota at this time. Information available includes fishing regulations; location; water access sites; lake maps; lake reports on stocking, fish consumption; and aquatic plant surveys. This tool is available for desktop and mobile devices.

StreamFinder contains data for steams and rivers throughout Minnesota, including stream surveys, lake water quality data, lake water clarity data, lake notes, and fish consumption advice.

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Clean in. Clean out.

Clean in. Clean out.

Clean your watercraft, drain all water, dispose of unused bait.
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Please note: not every stream in the state has been surveyed ; you may not find the stream in which you are interested. Also, it takes several months before the most recent stream surveys are ready to post on the Web site. Those months are needed to analyze the surveys and update the lake database. We update the StreamFinder as soon as new maps and surveys are available. If you do find data inconsistencies, please email the Webmaster at [email protected] (link sends email). If you have general questions about a lake, please email [email protected] (link sends email).

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