Hiring an arborist

arborist in a tree

Are leaves yellowing or wilting in summer months? Did a storm damage your tree and create a dangerous situation? Are there cracks in the trunk? These are all signs that a tree might need some extra attention. If your trees are looking unhealthy, consider contacting a trained arborist to help you diagnose the problem.

An arborist is a trained professional who cares for and specializes in maintaining trees. Tree maintenance, such as removing trees and pruning, can be dangerous work. Trained arborists are educated to perform tree maintenance safely and can mitigate potential hazards to themselves, the public, and your property. A few other services arborists can provide include emergency tree care, planting, and preventative plant health.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has a list of questions to ask before hiring a tree care service. Other helpful resources for hiring a tree service are listed below. 

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